Where did all our “stuff” come from? And where does it go when we’re done with it? Kids find out by tracking the life cycles of typical items in a school backpack—water, food, clothing, paper, plastic, metals, and electronics. Though they all end as waste, there are lots of decisions to be made along the way. And kids will see that there’s an important, constructive role they can play by making choices that are good for them—and for the planet! To learn more about this publisher, click here: http://bit. ly/2KRPIhS


... very informative, with thoughtful explanations of what we can all do to make environmentally friendly choices.

- Science Magazine

... the content is both approachable and interesting, and it leaves readers with a sense of responsibility for the Earth's future.

- Kirkus Reviews

Anyone, adults included, will learn something new and valid by browsing through Trash Revolution.

- Resource Links

... reinforces the need to be aware, to make responsible choices, and for everyone to do their part in reducing the amount of waste in the environment.

- CM Magazine

Slavin illustrates in lively pen-and-ink art, featuring cartoonlike characters implementing workable solutions to combat waste, which Fyvie encourages readers to embrace themselves.

- Publishers Weekly

Offering good reasons for reducing, reusing, and recycling, this book sketches an overall picture of the waste cycle, fills it with densely packed facts, and connects it with readers' lives.

- Booklist

... impressive and comprehensive . ..

- School Library Connection

Endlessly informative and eminently readable . ..

- School Library Journal, starred review

Anyone who's interested in the waste cycle will have fun getting information out of this book.

- San Francisco Book Review