Table of contents


The Beginnings | Frances Bula

Part 1: What Is Vancouverism?

1 Setting the Stage

2 A Unique Context for Urban Innovation

3 Counter-Intuitive Perspectives for Shaping a City

Part 2: The Key Urban Principles of Vancouverism

4 Neighbourhoods

5 Transportation Choices

6 Diversity

7 Urban Design

8 Environmental Responsibility

9 Public and Private Collaboration

Part 3: The Future of Vancouverism

10 New Iterations and Lessons Learned


A Special Urban Experience

Notes; Index


Larry Beasley, former co-chief planner or the city of Vancouver and a leader at the heart of the action, tells the story of Vancouverism and the urban planning philosophy and practice behind it. Writing from an insider’s perspective, he traces the principles that inspired Vancouverism and the policy framework developed to implement it.  This book is for urbanists worldwide, including urban planners and architects and those interested in how our cities are made.


Overall, this book is a fantastic look at the history of how a city came to be.

- Jenna Collingnon

In Beasley’s hands, Vancouverism’s seemingly disparate parts emerge as a cohesive whole.

- Spencer Morrison

. insider’s view of how, especially during Beasley’s decades inside city hall, the Terminal City came to be an internationally renowned exemplar of livable, family-friendly urban neighbourhoods.

- Alex Bozikovic

Beasley’s book is a captain’s log that will sit nicely alongside other books on city building in Vancouver.

- C. Cheung

. ..this will be the definitive insider’s account of the creation of Vancouver’s famous skyline, its downtown neighbourhoods and its mix of natural beauty and urbanism.

- Michael Kluckner