A soft, sweet book about adopting a baby at long last.


“We’ll love you as much as the narwhal loves its tusk.

We’ll love you as much as the seal loves its musk.

Little One, our new baby,

Welcome to our family.”

This loving bedtime poem shares all the ways in which a family will welcome their long-awaited new member. Sharing love as deep as the beluga dives and as warm as the shaggy hair of the muskox, this poem envelopes a new baby in the embrace of their new home in all its forms—the Arctic landscape and the welcoming arms of family.

Written by Inuk/Dene writer Masiana Kelly, and illustrated with warmth and softness by Tamara Campeau, this sweet and simple narrative celebrates the beauty of creating a family and the unbounding love waiting to be shared with a new little soul.


  • Short-listed, Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Canadian Picture Book Award 2023
  • Short-listed, Best Books for Kids and Teens 2024


If you know anyone having a baby or just having had a baby, We Love You As Much As the Fox Loves Its Tail would be a lovely gift to the family. It evokes the abundance of love and the closeness of family, and, no matter if the family lives in an urban landscape, in a prairie rural community, or a far northern region, We Love You As Much As the Fox Loves Its Tail will evince the joy of a new babe from its pages.

"[A] visual story that positions Inuit culture as present-day and vibrant; awesome."

"[A] book guided by love and celebration."

- Quill & Quire