Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurt Book Fair

Livres Canada Books invites you to exhibit on the Canada Stand at the


Frankfurt Book Fair

October 18-22, 2023

Guest of Honour: Slovenia


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Every October, Frankfurt becomes the premiere meeting place for the entire publishing industry. The Frankfurt Book Fair is “the world’s largest marketplace for trading in publishing rights and licenses,” hosting publishers, agents, distributors, wholesalers, booksellers, and librarians from around the globe.

In 2023, the Frankfurt Book Fair will be celebrating 75 years as the book industry’s leading international event.

The Canada Stand will be exhibiting in Hall 6.0. We are in regular discussion with the Book Fair to secure the best possible location for the Canada Stand, providing maximum visibility for participating publishers and their titles.

Your health and safety are of utmost importance to us. We continue to carefully monitor developments of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will strictly adhere to restrictions and guidelines put forth by municipal health units and the Government of Canada.

Promotional details on flights through Air Canada will be available soon.



Collective Stand – from $1,800

Each stand package includes:

  • exhibitor passes (number based on stand size)
  • 4 bookshelves per metre of wall
  • standard furnishings (table, chairs, wastebasket, suspended rail lighting)
  • 1 locking cabinet per metre on your stand’s back wall
  • signage
  • reception desk and service area
  • set-up and tear-down
  • consolidated shipping (at exhibitors’ expense; fees vary by weight)
  • listings in the online fair catalogue, and in the Livres Canada Books directory and website
  • Wi-Fi access
  • regular updates on important information as the opening date nears

Stand A –$3,200

Size: 2 x 2 m (4 m2 open to neighbouring stand, 2 walls)

Exhibitor Passes: 2

Furnishings: 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 wastebasket, suspended rail lighting, and 2 locking cabinets



Stand U –$3,300

Size: 2 x 2 m (4 m2, closed with 3 walls)

Exhibitor Passes: 2

Furnishings: 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 wastebasket, suspended rail lighting, and 2 locking cabinets


Stand B –$6,550

Size: 2 x 4 m (8 m2)

Exhibitor Passes: 3

Furnishings: 1 table, 3 chairs, 1 wastebasket, suspended rail lighting, and 4 locking cabinets


Stand C –$11,400

Size: 2 x 6 m (12 m2)

Exhibitor Passes: 4

Furnishings: 2 tables, 6 chairs, 2 wastebaskets, suspended rail lighting, and 6 locking cabinets


Stand D –$12,850

Size: 2 x 8 m (16 m2)

Exhibitor Passes: 5

Furnishings: 2 tables, 6 chairs, 2 wastebaskets, suspended rail lighting, and 8 locking cabinets


Stand E –$15,750

Size: 2 x 10 m (20 m2)

Exhibitor Passes: 6

Furnishings: 3 tables, 9 chairs, 2 wastebaskets, suspended rail lighting, and 10 locking cabinets


Co-exhibitor –$675   

Publishers can share space on the Canada Stand with another exhibitor for an added fee per additional exhibitor. Each co-exhibitor receives one exhibitor pass and is listed in the Frankfurt Catalogue and in the Livres Canada Books directory and website. Co-exhibitors must register with Livres Canada Books to ensure proper space allocation.

Pied-à-terre –$1,800

Publishers have different strategies when it comes to determining the most efficient and cost-effective way to attend a fair. Some prefer walking the floor to set up meetings rather than exhibiting books on their own stand. The Pied-à-terre option offers those publishers a shared meeting area with tables and chairs at which to do business.

The Pied-à-terre option includes:

  • 1 exhibitor pass
  • use of the shared meeting area by reservation
  • reception desk and service area
  • listing in the official online fair catalogue and in the Livres Canada Books directory and website
  • Wi-Fi access
  • regular information updates as the opening date nears

This option is limited to one representative per registered publisher. The Pied-à-terre option does not include signage or display shelving.

Display Title–$400/title

Ideal for publishers who can’t attend the fair but still want to exhibit their titles on the Canada Stand, the Display Title option is a great way of testing the market for specific titles. Books are displayed face out, information on titles is given out to all interested visitors, and any leads collected on your behalf are forwarded to you after the fair.

The Display Title package includes:

  • face-out display space for each title
  • shipping fees included
  • collection of business leads

Registration and Payment

Please note that, as per Frankfurt fair regulations, subsidiary/affiliate companies cannot register for smaller, individual stands to make up one large stand (i.e., two As to make one B). Should two or more affiliated companies try to register for individual smaller stands, they will be invoiced for the cost of the larger stand option plus any applicable co-exhibitor charges.

Space on the Canada Stand is limited and is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Publishers interested in exhibiting on the Canada Stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair should fill out the registration form and submit a first deposit or payment in full as soon as possible.

A first deposit of 50% is required upon registration for collective stand options. The balance, including any extra charges incurred by exhibitors, will be invoiced after the fair.

Registration is effective upon receipt of registration form. Cancellations will not be accepted after registration. Exhibitors who withdraw after registration remain liable for full payment. A refund will only be made if we can find a replacement exhibitor. If we cannot find a replacement, the exhibitor must pay the full cost of the stand. Requests to change stand type options after registration are subject to a change fee and any such changes should be notified before March 31, 2023.

Any additional furnishings or accessories will be charged back to exhibitors. Prices available upon request.

Prices are in Canadian dollars, based on current exchange rates. Livres Canada Books reserves the right to adjust prices in case of any significant devaluation of the Canadian dollar.

Additional Information

For more information on exhibiting on the Canada Stand, please visit our website or contact Mariana Bianchini, Programs and Events Officer, by email.

We encourage exhibitors to make hotel reservations as soon as possible. For general information about the Frankfurt Book Fair, please visit the fair’s website.