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We invite you to explore 600+ independent Canadian titles published in German translation as part of Canada’s Frankfurt Book Fair Guest of Honour initiative.

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Double Negative

By (author) Leona Gom
Categories: Fiction

Vicky Bauer's life is already complicated. Her brief career as a film scholar has been replaced by difficult stints as a substitute teacher. Vicky's husband is in a semicoma and her estranged father has ...


By (author) Leona Gom
Categories: Fiction

A murder with no body...Of mixed Native and white heritage, fiercely independent and a graduate student in film studies, Vicky Bauer is far from the perfect wife for a school teacher working on a Canadian ...

The Magic of Unknowing

By (author) Mervyn Sprung
Categories: Philosophy

The Magic of Unknowing is a unique philosophical and literary work. Cast in the dialogue form, it unfolds in the mood of soliloquy. Mervyn Sprung has created an imaginative meeting of the minds of great ...

From a Seaside Town

By (author) Norman Levine
Categories: Fiction


By (author) Marie Laberge