Sexuality Studies

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Sex in Canada

What do we do in the bedroom? Do other people do the same? How often? Who with? Movies and the internet seem saturated in sex, but it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction, and real talk about our ...

Awfully Devoted Women

By (author) Cameron Duder
Categories: History of the Americas
Series: Sexuality Studies

The lives of many lesbians prior to 1965 remain cloaked in mystery. Historians have turned the spotlight on upper-middle-class “romantic friends” and on working-class butch and femme women, but the ...

The Canadian War on Queers

From the 1950s to the late 1990s, agents of the state spied on, interrogated, and harassed gays and lesbians in Canada, employing social ideologies and other practices to construct their targets as threats ...

The Manly Modern

The Manly Modern, the first major book on the history of masculinity in Canada, traces the history of what happened when men’s supposed modernity became one of their defining features. Through a series ...