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Voici Michel!

By (author) Jean-Baptiste Drouot
Categories: Picture storybooks
Series: Grimace

A dog walks peacefully in nature (a dog standing on hind legs and wearing clothes but, nevertheless, still a dog). Another dog (also dressed up and standing) sees him and shouts: “Hey! I know him! It’s ...

Tête de têtard

By (author) Catherine Chiasson
Illustrated by Audrey Malo
Categories: Picture storybooks

Paul est très excité à l’idée de découvrir la collection d’objets spectaculaires de son ami Fernand. «Tu vas être ÉPOUSTOUFLÉ», lui promet Fernand! TA-DAM! lui dit-il en tendant fièrement ...

The Bad Chair

Every evening before brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed, Vivi and Monkey play the game: Monkey hides under a sheet, and Vivi pretends to look for him. Chair wishes more than anything that ...

I Found Hope in a Cherry Tree

Jean E. Pendziwol’s newest picture book is a lyrical meditation on nature and hope.

The child in this story observes the sun by playing with her shadow, though sometimes it disappears. She listens to ...

I Just Want to Be Super!

By (author) Andrew Katz
Illustrated by Tony Luzano
Categories: Picture storybooks: imagination and play

Nino finds a mask that gives him amazing powers. He can’t wait to blast into action! But no one will let him do all the super things he wants to do. Instead, everybody tells him stuff like put away ...

Ma maison-tête

By (author) Vigg
Categories: Picture storybooks
Series: Histoires de vivre

Au retour d’une sortie au cinéma, Vincent peut raconter le film à sa maman dans les moindres détails. Mais lorsqu’il doit réciter devant sa classe une fable apprise par cœur… rien ne lui vient. ...

Charlotte et la migration des shorts

By (author) Laurène Smagghe
Illustrated by Jean-Claude Alphen
Categories: Picture storybooks

Charlotte adore les shorts. Le matin, le midi, le soir… elle en porte. Mais en novembre… plus de shorts. Disparus ! Que va faire Charlotte ? Comment vivre sans ses shorts adorés ?

Goodnight, Arctic Animals

Beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Christine Battuz, this soothing board book is perfect for sleepy little ones in need of a bedtime story and a cuddle. When darkness falls and everything ...

In the Sky at Nighttime

In the sky at nighttime, the northern lights dance, a mother’s song sways on the breeze, and a raven roosts atop a tall building, bathed in the light of the moon.

Moon Wishes

In this timeless bedtime story, the moon’s luminous, watchful presence inspires wishes of hope and love, with dreamy watercolour illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Milan Pavlović.

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