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Once a Bitcoin Miner

By (author) Ethan Lou
Categories: Currency / Foreign exchange

Part autobiography and part investigation, the book describes the wackiness, the fraudulence, and the cycle of Bitcoin boom and bust and boom. We begin with scandal and conflict in Canada’s cryptocurrency ...

From Wall Street to Bay Street

By (author) Joe Martin & Chris Kobrak
Categories: Finance


The 2008 financial crisis rippled across the globe and triggered a worldwide recession. Unlike the American banking system which experienced massive losses, takeovers, and taxpayer funded bailouts, ...

The Great Revenue Robbery

For decades, the right has flooded the airwaves and taken over the political podiums with its anti-tax hysteria. But Canadians are waking up to the simple truth that taxes are the price we pay for civilization, ...


In this breathtaking coast-to-coast photographic panorama of Canada, Mike Grandmaison presents a portrait of a country whose seasons reflect the many moods of nature in all its glory. Whether it is the ...

Canada and the Cost of World War II

By (author) Robert Bryce
Categories: Public finance and taxation

Robert B. Bryce was deputy minister in the Department of Finance and chairman of the Royal Commission on Corporate Concentration.
Matthew J. Bellamy is an instructor in economics and history at Carleton ...

Politics and Public Debt

By (author) Robert Ascah
Categories: Public finance and taxation

Focusing on the Depression, Second World War, and early post-War period, Robert Ascah examines the interaction of politics and capital markets in Canada from the perspective of the debt management function. ...

Risk of Death in Canada

Risk of Death in Canada surveys both the protocols and health risk evidence collection and interpretation in Canada and the public’s perception of health risk information. A helpful guide for health ...