Relating to adulthood

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Monsieur le Président

By (author) Danielle Pouliot
Categories: ‘Street’ fiction

Roman social d’actualité, Monsieur le Président est une réflexion cinglante sur le mercantilisme déshumanisant, l’amertume de l’abandon, l’inviolabilité de la dignité et la douceur de la ...


By (author) Marion Agnew
Categories: Coping with ageing

Most people think Alzheimer’s Disease is the same as memory loss, if they think about it at all, and hope that if they ignore it hard enough, it will go away. Marion Agnew’s world changed as her mother—a ...

Neither Married Nor Single

When Dr. David Kirkpatrick’s wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2007, their lives—and their marriage—would change forever. In an honest, uplifting, sometimes heartbreaking account ...