Criminal law: procedure and offences

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A Citizen's Guide to City Politics

Montreal has a long history of militant municipalism: the emergence and repression of the FRAP, the rise and fall of the Montreal Citizens Movement and its left opposition, the rise and eclipse of Ecology ...


By (author) Nancy Morrison
Foreword by Stevie Cameron
Categories: Sentencing and punishment
Series: Reflections

Fifty years in a law profession she loves, twenty-four of which were spent as judge, Nancy Morrison has stories to tell. Being a former judge, Nancy could not have written this book during the 24 years ...

Mental Disorder and the Law

By (author) Hy Bloom & Richard D. Schneider
Categories: Mental health law

Over the past decade or so, Canada’s criminal justice system has had to deal with escalating numbers of mentally disordered offenders.

At the provincial level, a number of provinces have implemented ...

Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime

A concise and practical guide to domestic laws dealing with proceeds of crime and money laundering. It includes discussion of the recent amendments to the Criminal Code and new anti-terrorism legislation. ...

War Crimes and the Culture of Peace

In 1996, Louise Arbour was appointed by the Security Council of the United Nations as Chief Prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. Reflecting on these ...

Getting Away With Murder

Since Cain killed Abel, the crime of murder has fascinated humans. So, too, do murder trials. They enable us to be voyeurs, peering from a safe distance into the dark recesses of the human capacity for ...