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La guerre par d'autres moyens

Sur fond de la montée en puissance de la Chine, du Brexit, des velléités protectionnistes un peu partout dans le monde, notamment aux États-Unis, et d’une économie toujours plus interdépendante, ...

Experts, sciences et sociétés

Fruit du travail de 19 chercheurs, cet ouvrage collectif présente le personnage social de l’expert, les usages sociopolitiques de son travail ainsi que les manières d’arbitrer ses prétentions dans ...

By (author) Jean-Louis Roy
Categories: Globalization

Two powerful forces converged to shift global development in the last three decades from the West to the East and Asia. These same forces now make Africa the “construction site of the century. ” Africa ...

The Rise and Fall of United Grain Growers

By (author) Paul D. Earl
Categories: History of the Americas

For much of the 20th century, United Grain Growers was one of the major forces in Canadian agriculture. Founded in 1906, for much of its history UGG worked to give western farmers a “third way” between ...

New Brunswick at the Crossroads

Examines the relationship between distinct periods of creative ferment in New Brunswick and the socio-cultural conditions in which those periods emerged. Contributes to current critical discussions about ...

Landscapes and Landmarks of Canada

This book shows how the natural landscape and the built environment are both the product of and actors in the creation of ideological notions of Canada. Interdisciplinary in focus, it offers a perspective ...

Disarming Conflict

“A masterpiece highly recommended to commanders-in-chief, diplomats, and peacemakers. ” – Ambassador Bethuel A Kiplagat

Wars fought over the past quarter century have been a spectacular failure. ...

“My Own Portrait in Writing”

By (author) Patrick Grant
Categories: Literary theory
Series: Cultural Dialectics

A theoretically informed interpretation of Van Gogh’s literary achievement that is without precedent.

Many have drawn on Van Gogh’s voluminous correspondence for insights into his art and personal ...