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“My Own Portrait in Writing”

By (author) Patrick Grant
Categories: Literary theory
Series: Cultural Dialectics

A theoretically informed interpretation of Van Gogh’s literary achievement that is without precedent.

Many have drawn on Van Gogh’s voluminous correspondence for insights into his art and personal ...

RE: Reading the Postmodern

It would be difficult to exaggerate the worldwide impact of postmodernism on the fields of cultural production and the social sciences over the last quarter century—even if the concept has been understood ...

Speaking in the Past Tense

By (author) Herb Wyile
Categories: Literary theory

Speaking in the Past Tense participates in an expanding critical dialogue on the writing of historical fiction, providing a series of reflections on the process from the perspective of those souls intrepid ...

Northrop Frye

More than fifty years after the publication of Anatomy of Criticism, Northrop Frye remains one of Canada's most influential intellectuals. This reappraisal reasserts the relevance of his work to the study ...

The Canadian Modernists Meet

The Canadian Modernists Meet is a collection of new critical essays on major and rediscovered Canadian writers of the early to mid-twentieth century. F. R. Scott's well-known poem 'The Canadian Authors ...

At the Speed of Light There is Only Illumination

At the Speed of Light There is Only Illumination collects a dozen re-evaluative essays on Marshall McLuhan and his critical and theoretical legacy; from intellectual adventurer creating a complex architecture ...

Roch Carrier

By (author) Gilles Dorion
Categories: Literary theory
Series: Oeuvres et auteurs

Roch Carrier a pratiqué plusieurs genres : poésie, conte, roman, théâtre, récit de voyage, littérature pour la jeunesse et biographie. Son oeuvre abondante, exubérante, protéiforme joue de tous ...


Canadienne, Parisienne, musicienne, écrivaine de rénommée internationale, Nancy Huston séduit aussi bien par ses essais provocateurs que par ses romans audacieux. Vivant entre deux langues et deux ...