A Witch's Guide to Burning

By (author) Aminder Dhaliwal
Categories: Children's Fiction
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly
Hardcover : 9781770466999, 400 pages, May 2024


Dhaliwal creates a land ruled by magic and fire, where the sky is thick with witches
A witch’s work is never done when she works for the people. With the success of her town relying on her magic, demands are high. But what happens when a witch can't keep up with the magical requests? She is burnt, of course—in a cruel ritual that extinguishes her magic and erases all her memories, making her just like everybody else. But when a burning ceremony is interrupted by rain in Chamomile Valley, a witch is left writhing at the stake. It's up to a witch doctor and her toad friend to save the singed witch and nurse her back to health. Can they help her before her magic is lost forever?
Aminder Dhaliwal’s A Witch’s Guide to Burning is a whimsical and humorous allegory for burnout in a society in desperate need of self-care. With a lavish blend of prose, illustration, and comics, Dhaliwal crafts an enthralling hybrid adventure story like you’ve never seen before. Follow Singe and her companions Yew-Veda and Bufo Wonder as they journey across dangerous landscapes, battling demons along the way in an extraordinary tale about sacrifice and healing.


A grand adventure in a richly articulated setting, featuring a racially diverse cast and clever twists aplenty.

- Kirkus Reviews