A Writer's Handbook - Second Edition

Developing Writing Skills for University Students

Edited by Leslie E. Casson
Categories: Language: reference and general, Language and Linguistics
Publisher: Broadview Press
Paperback : 9781551117171, 154 pages, April 2006

Table of contents


Chapter 1: Understanding the Assignment
Chapter 2: Planning and Outlining
Chapter 3: Paragraphs
Chapter 4: Stylistic Decisions
Chapter 5: Essential Grammar
Chapter 6: Punctuation
Chapter 7: Documentation
Chapter 8: Business Writing
Chapter 9: Writing in the Sciences

Appendix 1: Confusable Words: Usage and Misusage
Appendix 2: Recommended Writing Guides



Written collaboratively by writing instructors at Queen’s University, A Writer’s Handbook, second edition, is a compact yet thorough guide to academic writing for a North American audience.

Written for interdisciplinary use, this clear and concise handbook outlines strategies both for thinking assignments through and for writing them well.


"This new edition of A Writer's Handbook continues to provide excellent, comprehensive advice on how best to develop writing skills for university students. Everything is here, clearly and concisely laid out in a user-friendly manner that will appeal to student and teacher alike. A collaborative effort by experienced and gifted writing teachers that is skillfully edited and assembled, it's a practical, easy-to-follow guide you'll find yourself consulting again and again. "

- Michael Hurley

"I will use this text in all my courses—from my first-year writing classes all the way to my 'Advanced Writing for Graduate Students' course! My students will find A Writer’s Handbook immediately helpful; it makes sense of what professors often fail to explain but expect students to know and perform effortlessly. "

- Caroline L. Eisner