"After the Beginning opens with the Divine Family (God, Goddess, and all the angels) celebrating the completion of the universe – sun, moons, and eight perfect planets, with no mistakes at all. But when Little Angel suggests that there could be one more planet, one where “things aren’t the same all the time,” things begin to unravel… God, Goddess, Little Angel, and the whole family of angels – Inventor Angel, Artist Angel, Musician Angel, Arithmetic Angel, Scientist Angel, Geometry Angel, Biology Angel, and Fire Angel – eagerly create a beautiful blue-green planet, filled with plants and animals and birds and fish. And for a long time, everything runs “just right. ” But then, some of the “new ones,” who are just like angels, begin to get greedy and careless with their planet. They poison the water, pollute the air, and cut down the forests. Things get worse and worse, until children – from all around the word – cry “Remember!”“Remember the forest!”“Remember to share!”“Remember the water!”“Remember the air!” In this wise and marvelously enchanting tale, Carolyn Pogue connects the sacredness of the earth, the ecological crisis, and children’s leadership in a way that will inspire children and adults alike. A perfect complement, Margaret Kyle’s vibrant illustrations create a sense of awe that will move and delight readers of all ages.