With characteristic warmth and humor, Ralph Milton retells Bible stories in an engaging, contemporary way for kids and adults. The Family Story Bible meets the expectations of today's values-oriented parents by using inclusive language for God, and including stories of both men and women in the Bible. Readers will find old favorite stories and they'll discover stories often overlooked in children's Bibles, such as the stories of the prophets, wisdom literature, and the letters of the early church. A delight to read and hear.

Margaret Kyle's illustrations brim with energy, curiosity, and joy, capturing in full color the setting and the spirit of the stories. Previously titled Living God's Way.


This is a charming version of the Bible for the family to read together--adults reading to kiddies too young to be able to read, for instance. It is the best version that I've seen for small children who have to be read to, and has good illustrations. Our 14 months old will sit down and "read" it aloud, looking over the pictures, for her own benefit. She favors the scenes with animals. I liked it because it tries to cover Old and New Testaments both and seems to touch on all the books of the Bible in a simplified way.