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I Am Herod

Armchair-atheist Richard Kelly Kemick joins the 100-plus cast of The Canadian Badlands Passion Play, North America’s largest production of its kind. From the controversial choice of casting to the bizarre ...

Baiser à baiser

By (author) Yves Girard
Categories: Religious instruction

This book is the culmination of a writing activity that nurtured the inner life of thousands of readers seized by a consoling truth: every spiritual journey at its summit is a Song of Songs, a hymn of ...

L'éternité, rêve ou réalité?

Un parcours fluide des lieux où se manifeste l’idée d’éternité. Il lui redonne consistance et vraisemblance. En invitant à une foi réfléchie en la vie éternelle, cet ouvrage tonique donne ...

Do Monkeys Go to Heaven? 2.0

By (author) John McCarthy
Categories: Christian life and practice

With the success of Do Monkeys Go To Heaven?, scientist Fr. John McCarthy guides us on another book of reflection on the breathtaking wonder and beauty of God’s presence in creation. Still focusing ...

Faith, Politics, and Sexual Diversity in Canada and the United States

For decades, agitation by lesbians, gays, and other sexual minorities for political recognition has provoked a heated response among religious activists in both Canada and the United States. In this remarkable ...

This United Church of Ours

By (author) Ralph Milton
Categories: Christianity

Except for Bibles and Hymnbooks, no other book has been read and appreciated by as many United Church poeple. From what to wear and where to sit in church to theology and ethics, Ralphm Milton covers ...

After the Beginning

By (author) Carolyn Pogue
Illustrated by Margaret Kyle
Categories: Christianity

"After the Beginning opens with the Divine Family (God, Goddess, and all the angels) celebrating the completion of the universe – sun, moons, and eight perfect planets, with no mistakes at all. But when ...

Oil and Water

By (author) Amir Hussain
Categories: Comparative religion

Listen to any news broadcast today and the message comes through loud and clear: Islam is a religion of violence and behind every Muslim there lurks a potential terrorist. Islam is a threat to values ...


For more than 30 years, countless lives have been changed and renewed by Margaret Fishback Powers' best-loved poem, Footprints. Experience the blessings and reminders of how God cares and provides for ...