By (author) J Brian Clarke
Introduction by Robert J Sawyer
Categories: Science fiction, Fiction and Related items, Adventure fiction
Publisher: EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Paperback : 9781894063142, 336 pages, May 2006


After nearly fifty years in suspended animation a crew of human space explorers return to Earth, only to discover a medical side effect that prevents them remaining on their home planet. Now, in a desperate bid for survival, they must return to space and attempt to colonize an alien world under an alien sun.


"Clarke, the author of a number of published stories and the novel The Expediter (DAW 1990), is a very amiable writer, with a nice ear for conversational speech, which makes his characters, whom we don't really know, seem quite real. " - David Mead, New York Review of Science Fiction.

"Throw in some cyborgs, an artificial intelligence, alien creatures, and a few other plot twists and you have an exciting if sometimes a bit over the top adventure story" - Science Fiction Chronicle

"Fans of science fiction in general and those with a special interest in new world adventures will find Alphanuats a satisfying read. " - The Bookwatch

"Brian Clarke is a master storyteller of considerable originality and ability who in "Alphanauts" takes his readers on a true and highly recommended science fiction epic from beginning to end. " - Midwest Book Review

"This is a fairly straightforward adventure tale, a bit of a page turner that any fan of old fashioned Science Fiction should enjoy. Recommended. " - Ronald Hore, cm magazine

"Clarke has written a page turner with scientist-heros as conflicted as any human but with practicality and compassion from the Golden Age of SF. An excellent read that I hope will encourage more books by this author. " - Pam Allan, ConNotations

"This is a first-rate planetary colonization story with lots of science. Engineers and scientists will enjoy this book; so will everyone else who likes good, interesting writing. " - Paul Lappen, Dead Trees Reviews

". insightful look at colonization and life on other planets--one I'd recommend to others. " -Lisa Ramaglia, Scribes World

"This tale is reminiscent of Golden Age stories of interstellar exploration. " - Cheryl, booksnbytes. com