In this beautifully illustrated picture book a young girl learns to love her difficult-to-manage but electric, kinetic, bombastic, fantastic, twirly, whirly, curly, fuzzy, snappy, nappy, wavy, crazy, boonoonoonous hair.


"Jamaican-Canadian writer Senior uses playful rhymes to speak directly to young readers who may struggle with standing out from other kids their age. And she includes poignant moments as when Jamilla spots a self-portrait of Frida Kahlo, who also has plaits in her hair.
The artwork by James — who is of Antiguan heritage — is an explosion of colour and energy, with each one of her illustrations perfectly echoing the vibrancy of Jamilla's ever-changing electric and kinetic hairstyles. James brilliantly reinforces her theme by making Jamilla's class multicultural and including a spread of paintings by famous artists — all of whom have widely individual styles.
Together, author and illustrator show young readers that being different isn't a bad thing. Not only does Jamilla learn to appreciate her hair, the girls in her class think it's boonoonoonous, too."
Quill & Quire