Dead Man, The

By (author) Nora Gold
Categories: Fiction: general and literary, Fiction and Related items
Series: Inanna Poetry & Fiction Series
Publisher: Inanna Publications & Education Inc.
Paperback : 9781771332613, 288 pages, April 2016


“Nora Gold is a natural storyteller, and her ability to make us understand the shimmering and complex landscape of love has its haunting echoes in the Israeli landscape. ” —Jay Neugeboren, author of The Stolen Jew

The Dead Man is a compelling novel about a woman who is obsessed. For some unknown reason, Eve, a composer of sacred music and a music therapist—a sensible, intelligent professional—can’t recover from a brief relationship she had five years ago with a world-famous music critic named Jake. In an attempt to solve this mystery, she “returns to the scene of the crime”: Israel, where Jake still lives, and where they first fell in love. There she revisits all their old haunts and struggles to complete the song cycle she started composing five years ago about Jake but hasn’t been able to finish. Gradually the dark mystery behind their complex relationship begins to unravel as Eve discovers the forgotten childhood memories, losses, and desires that are encapsulated in her connection to Jake. This novel, filled with music, dealing with themes of love, grief, early loss, and the power of art, will resonate deeply with anyone who has ever loved and lost.


"The Dead Man is a wonderfully affecting, memorable, and original tale. Nora Gold is a natural storyteller, and her ability to make us understand the shimmering and complex landscape of love has its haunting echoes in the Israeli landscape. This is an ingeniously and gorgeously crafted story, radiantly musical in its rich textures."
-- Jay Neugeboren, author of Imagining Robert, Max Baer and the Star of David, etc.

"The Dead Man is terrific. Eve, a composer obsessed with a former lover, pulls us deep into her evolution thanks to astute, compassionate novelist Nora Gold. This compelling story is a must-read for anyone fascinated by the complexity of male-female relationships and the mysterious radioactivity of love."
-- Susan Weidman Schneider, Editor-in-Chief, Lilith Magazine

"Nora Gold's The Dead Man is a powerful story about a woman's struggle with love and loss, and how her art-- her music-- becomes both the expression of and antidote to the darkness she has felt. This is a wonderful story about resilience, about the ability of the human spirit not only to repair and redeem itself, but-- even more-- to triumph over darkness and adversity."
-- Joseph Kertes, author of Gratitude and The Afterlife of Stars

"Nora Gold's writing is beautiful, nuanced, and honest. The Dead Man is an intelligent novel about love and art, and the passions that fuel them. Set against the backdrop of contemporary Israel, The Dead Man portrays a talented, obsessed composer, and offers a rare glimpse into the fascinating world of sacred Jewish music."
-- Ayelet Tsabari, author of The Best Place on Earth

"Nora Gold writes with consummate skill. She's the real thing."
-- George Jonas, author, poet, journalist

"Nora Gold has an eye and ear for colourful detail in this novel about the creative process, lifting the veil on unknown corners of the world of Jewish music."
-- Charles Heller, author of What To Listen For in Jewish Music