Difficult People

By (author) Catriona Wright
Categories: Short stories, Fiction: special features, Fiction and Related items, Fiction: general and literary
Publisher: Nightwood Editions
Paperback : 9780889713390, 256 pages, October 2018


Manipulators, liars, egomaniacs, bullies, interrupters, condescenders, ice queens, backstabbers, hypocrites, withholders, belligerents, self-deceivers, whiners, know-it-alls, nitpickers: these are some of the characters you’ll encounter in the collection of stories, Difficult People. As these characters fumble through their quests for stand-up glory, romantic love, stable employment or anyone who can tolerate them, they reveal that we are all, in our own ways, difficult people.


“Difficult People is Toronto writer Catriona Wright’s bombastic fictional debut. … Each story in this brilliant collection reverberates with raw disappointment and longing as the broken characters angrily confront, or slickly deny, their thwarted ambitions and obvious personal limitations. … Difficult People is a tour de force — there isn’t a single flaw in this airtight collection populated by a modern cast of misfit characters. … While these characters are certainly Difficult People, in Wright’s capable hands they shift imperceptibly from snarky underachievers to unsung heroes. This ambitious collection reinforces the dynamic state of the short story. Well done, Catriona Wright — you have won this difficult reader’s admiration. ”

~ Patricia Dawn Robertson, The Winnipeg Free Press

- Patricia Dawn Robertson

“Potent, unforgettable tales and razor-sharp writing. ” -Kirkus Reviews, December 7, 2018



- Kirkus Reviews

“Deft, dark and unflinching, Catriona Wright’s work is stand-up comedy for the mind. ”

- Emily Schultz

“A remarkably brave, sexy, sophisticated collection fuelled by brilliant language and wicked humor. ”

- Barbara Gowdy