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Preface: This Book Is for You
What This Book Does
Timing Is Everything

1. Introduction: Awakening to Our Climate Emergency
Dropping the Climate Change Bomb
Why We Should Be Concerned
The Solutions Puzzle
Climate Awakening: Climate Reality
ClimateMama Beginnings
Memorable Blog Posts

2. Thanks for the Ride, Dinosaurs: Science, Politics, Growth, and Justice

3. Coming to Grips with Climate Change As a Parent: From Grief to Hope to Resolve to Action
Coming to Terms with Reality
Trusted Messengers

4. Leading by Example
Find Your Superpower
Name What You Are Working to Save and Why
Climate Curriculum
Parent Climate Activists

5. Transitioning from Angst to Action: Preschool through Middle School
The Climate Conversation: Preschool through Middle School
Engaging Your Child on Climate Action: Preschool through Middle School
Keeping Children Involved at All Ages

6. Pursuing Passions through the Lens of Climate Action: High School, College, and Beyond
How to Share the Reality of Our Climate Crisis with Our Grown Children
Supporting Climate Activism

7. Creating a Million Ripples: From Me to We
Thinking in Systems and Channeling Systemic Change
Scaling Solutions
Being the Change We Wish to See
Vote, Vote, Vote
Follow Up: Preparing for Our Climate Emergency
Plant Seeds: Literally and Figuratively
From Me to We

Youth-Led or Youth-Focused Organizations
Parent-Focused Organizations
Climate Action and Education Websites
Climate News Websites
Climate Justice
Notable Books
Climate Science

Climate Action Organizing and Book Club Guide Guide



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Building grit and hope in the face of the climate emergency


How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change provides tools and strategies for parents to explain the climate emergency to their children, maintain hope in the face of crisis, and galvanize positive action by encouraging today’s children to follow their passions in pursuit of a livable world.


  • Runner-up, Nautilus Book Awards 2020
  • Runner-up, Benjamin Franklin Awards 2020
  • Nominated, Foreword INDIE 2020