Intentional Leadership

The Big 8 Capabilities Setting Leaders Apart

Table of contents

Preface: How This Book Evolved
Leaders Engaged in Deliberate Conversations for This Book

Introduction: Putting the Spotlight on Leadership

Part One: Leadership Has Never Been Harder – The Changing Context Drives It

1. Today’s Unmistakable Game Changers: No One Is Exempt
2. Game Changer #1: Increased Stakeholder Expectations
3. Game Changer #2: The Ever-Changing Workforce and Workplace
4. Game Changer #3: Short-Lived Strategies and Digital Dominance

Part Two: Long-Held Beliefs, Myths, and Habits – Challenges to Leaders’ Success

5. Dispelling Myths Takes Energy and Courage
6. Leadership Is Not Timeless – It Has a Shelf Life
7. Softer Skills Do Not Improve with Just Time
8. Mentors Are Not Just for Emerging Leaders
9. High Performers Do Not Always Equal High Potential for Leadership
10. The Leadership Pendulum Has Shifted

Part Three: The Big 8 Crystallizes – Setting Leaders Apart

11. Where and How the Big 8 Fit in a Leader’s Overall Role
12. The Big 8 #1: Personal Adaptability
13. The Big 8 #2: Strategic Agility
14. The Big 8 #3: Self-Renewal
15. The Big 8 #4: Certainty of Character
16. The Big 8 #5: Empathy
17. The Big 8 #6: Contextual Communication
18. The Big 8 #7: Spirited Collaboration
19. The Big 8 #8: Developing Other Leaders – Not Only Followers

Part Four: Leadership Starts with You – It Must Be Intentional

20. Self-Reflection: Feedback, Self-Awareness, and Adjustment
21. Building Teams and Leaders: Selecting and Developing
22. Being a Mentor and a Mentee: A Great Leader Is Both
23. So What Now?



We live in a time of unprecedented speed, connection, and uncertainty. While many organizations are adapting to this new reality by reinventing business models, significantly fewer are examining the implications of these changes for developing effective leadership. In Intentional Leadership, Rose M. Patten draws on her expertise as one of Canada’s most influential leaders to shine a spotlight on this emergent and often neglected space.

Drawing on learnings and a framework tested with over 900 senior leaders across industries and geographies, Intentional Leadership presents a guide for continuous renewal, focusing on the human side of leading. Patten debunks common myths, emphasizing that leadership capabilities do not just develop over time, but require self-awareness, feedback, intention, adjustment, and practice. Whether you are a CEO of a large corporation, an activist, raising a family, working in government, or leading a not-for-profit organization, Intentional Leadership meets you where you are and provides the necessary tools for self-reflection and growth as a leader.