The long-awaited sequel to Heal Your Wounds and Find Your True Self is finally here!

It is finally here: the long-awaited sequel to Lise Bourbeau’s popular book Heal Your Wounds and Find Your True Self, published in 2000 and still achieving record-breaking sales with translations into 16 languages. In this volume, with the help of numerous examples, the author shares her abundant professional wisdom and her wealth of personal experience to guide those who are looking for concrete ways to heal their suffering. Readers will learn to recognize the operating mechanisms of the five wounds and be better able to determine when they are being activated. By applying the techniques suggested, they will become aware of the countless occasions when their ego is directing their thoughts, words, and actions. A vital condition for healing, this awareness will also help individuals to manifest their soul’s essential needs, thus allowing them to connect with their true self and reach inner peace.