Lead for the Planet

Five Practices for Confronting Climate Change

Table of contents


Welcome to Team Humanity

Practice 1: Get the Truth
Practice 2: Assess the Risks
Practice 3: Weigh the Stakes
Practice 4: Define the Business of Business
Practice 5: Engage Global Leadership

What’s the Plan?



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"Rae Andre’s book provides a knowledgeable summary of key climate science issues as she presents her humanistic perspective throughout her book. Unlike other books that stress climate science and policy, Andre zeros in on human behavior with what she calls the two systems of thinking – system one, which is more emotionally based, and system two, which is systematic and rationally based. This reviewer is particularly impressed on the chapter on defining the 'business of business' where she discusses for-profit business decision-making and motivations."

- Richard Smardon, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry