Making Surveillance States

Transnational Histories

Edited by Robert Heynen & Emily van der Meulen
Categories: Sociology, Sociology and anthropology, Society and Social Sciences
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Paperback : 9781487522483, 360 pages, September 2019

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Foreword by David Lyon


1. Unpacking State Surveillance: Histories, Theories, and Global Contexts
Emily van der Meulen, Ryerson University and Robert Heynen, York University

Section One: Medical, Disease, and Health Surveillance

2. "Coolie" Control: State Surveillance and the Labour of Disinfection across the Late Victorian British Empire
Jacob Steere-Williams, College of Charleston

3. Surveillance, Medicine, and the Misterios de la Naturaleza: Campaigns to "Cure" Deafness in Late-Nineteenth Century Mexico City
Holly Caldwell, Chestnut Hill College

4. "Masquerading as a Woman": The South African Disguises Acts and the Ghosts of Apartheid Surveillance, 1906-2004
B Camminga, University of Wits

Section Two: Identification, Regulation, and Colonial Rule

5. The Penal Surveillant Assemblage: Attainder and Tickets of Leave in Nineteenth-Century Colonial Australia
Ian Warren, Deakin University and Darren Palmer, Deakin University

6. Controlling Transnational Asian Mobilities: A Comparison of Documentary Systems in Australia and South Africa, 1890s to 1940s
Uma Dhupelia-Mesthrie, University of the Western Cape and Margaret Allen, University of Adelaide

7. Bodies as Risky Resources: Japan’s Colonial Identification Systems in Northeastern China
Midori Ogasawara, Queen’s University

8. A State of Exception: Frameworks and Institutions of Israeli Surveillance of Palestinians, 1948-1967
Ahmad H Sa’di, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Section Three: State Security, Policing, and Dissent

9. Dossierveillance in Communist Romania: Collaboration with the Securitate, 1945-1989
Cristina Plamadeala, Concordia University

10. The FBI and the American Friends Service Committee: Surveilling United States Religious Expression in the Cold War Era
Kathryn Montalbano, Neumann University

11. "When under Surveillance, Always Put on a Good Show": Representations of Surveillance in the United States Underground Press, 1968-1972
Elisabetta Ferrari, University of Pennsylvania and John Remensperger, University of Pennsylvania

12. "That’s Not a Conversation That Belongs to the Museum": The (In)visibility of Surveillance History at Police Museums in Ontario, Canada 
Matthew Ferguson, University of Ottawa, Justin Piché, University of Ottawa, and Kevin Walby, University of Winnipeg

Simone Browne, University of Texas at Austin

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Making Surveillance States opens up new and exciting perspectives on how systems of state surveillance developed over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The book challenges us to rethink the presumed novelty of contemporary surveillance practices, while developing critical analyses of the ways in which state surveillance has profoundly shaped the emergence of contemporary societies, and the ways these systems of surveillance have been resisted, challenged, and subverted.