Table of contents

  • : Glossary of Acronyms
  • : Introduction: Project SITKA, policing, and the settler colonial present
  • : “Welcome to ABL World!!!”:The Logic of Elimination and the Algonquins of Barriere Lake
  • : Northern Gateway Pipeline: Policing for Extractive Capitalism
  • : Idle No More and the “Fusion Centre for Native Problems”
  • : The Raid at Elsipogtog: Integrated Policing and “Violent Aboriginal Extremists”
  • : Conclusion: Policing the Imaginary “Anti-Petroleum Movement”
  • : References
  • : Index


A comprehensive examination of the security state’s extensive surveillance of Indigenous struggles for land and autonomy. This book raises critical questions regarding the expansion of the security apparatus, the normalization of police surveillance targeting social movements, the relationship between police and energy corporations, the criminalization of dissent, and threats to civil liberties and collective action in an era of extractive capitalism and hyper surveillance. To learn more about this publisher, click here: http://bit. ly/1Ch7QIX


“An accessible must-read for all Canadians concerned about respectful relations with indigenous people and the decline of civil rights in the war-on-terror era.”

- Publishers Weekly