Protecting Multiculturalism

Muslims, Security, and Integration in Canada

By (author) John S. McCoy
Categories: Political Science
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press
Paperback : 9780773552791, 304 pages, June 2018

A provocative look at the viability of Canadian multiculturalism and the experience of Canadian Muslims.


In a post-9/11 sea of social and political discord, one state stands apart. As an increasingly powerful anti-Islamic social movement rises in the West, Canada alone remains a viable multicultural state. Employing survey and statistical data as well as a series of interviews conducted with religious leaders and policy officials, Protecting Multiculturalism explores public safety and security concerns, while pointing out the successes, pitfalls, and sometimes countervailing effects of government measures on Muslims in Canada. Engaging with debates surrounding the cultural accommodation of diverse communities, John McCoy focuses on two inter-related themes at the heart of the crisis of multiculturalism: social integration and national security. Even in Canada, McCoy argues, Muslims can face acute xenophobia and racism, problematic national security practices, inimical politicians, and other troubling warning signs. Yet, despite these challenges, these diverse communities continue to display remarkable resilience. An open-minded and substantive reflection on the day-to-day realities for Muslim communities, Protecting Multiculturalism seeks a way forward for the Canadian multicultural experiment – a future that is marked by dignity and diversity in an increasingly fraught era.


"A timely and valuable addition to the literature on Multiculturalism. " TRT World Research Centre