Table of contents

CHAPTER 1: Historical Context
CHAPTER 2: The Legitimacy of Judicial Review
CHAPTER 3: Interpretation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
CHAPTER 4: Limitation of Charter Rights
CHAPTER 5: The Legislative Override
CHAPTER 6: Application
CHAPTER 7: Charter Litigation
CHAPTER 8: Freedom of Conscience and Religion
CHAPTER 9: Freedom of Expression
CHAPTER 10: Freedom of Association
CHAPTER 11: Democratic Rights
CHAPTER 12: Mobility Rights
CHAPTER 13: Life, Liberty, and Security of the Person and the Principles of Fundamental Justice
CHAPTER 14: Charter Rights in the Criminal Process
CHAPTER 15: Equality
CHAPTER 16: Language Rights
CHAPTER 17: Remedies
Constitution Acts, 1982
Table of Cases
About the Authors


No other Canadian book provides such an accessible yet thorough and objective account of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The text has been thoroughly updated to reflect Charter jurisprudence since publication of the second edition in 2002. It covers the history of the Charter, legitimacy of judicial review, limitation of Charter rights, Charter litigation, language rights, equality rights, and Charter rights of the criminally accused.