Human rights, civil rights

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Rethinking Free Speech

By (author) Peter Ives
Categories: Political control and freedoms

Clashes over free speech rights and wrongs haunt public debates about the state of democracy, freedom and the future. While freedom of speech is recognized as foundational to democratic society, its meaning ...


By (author) Dustin Galer
Foreword by Judy Rebick
Categories: Disability: social aspects

Beryl Potter was a reserved working-class mother of three living a decent life, or so it seemed, when a harmless slip and fall marked the unravelling of everything that she had known about herself and ...

The Mantle of Struggle

By (author) Irving Andre
Foreword by David Austin
Categories: Biography: general

Rosie Douglas, former prime minister of Dominica, had a life unlike any other modern politician. After leaving home to study agriculture in Canada, he became a member of the young Conservatives, under ...

The Recognition of Two Official Languages in Canada

By (author) Michel Bastarache
Edited by Gregory Tardi
Categories: Constitution
Series: Understanding Canada

Official bilingualism comprises Canadians’ ability to deal with their own state authorities, and in matters of public life, in the official language of their choice. In The Recognition of Two Official ...

Orwell in Cuba

By (author) Frédérick Lavoie
Translated by Donald Winkler
Categories: Human rights, civil rights

Orwell in Cuba: How 1984 Came to Be Published in Castro’s Twilight is a personal account of today’s Cuba at a pivotal point in its history, with the Castro brothers passing power on to a new generation. ...

Enemy Alien

This graphic history tells the story of Canada’s first national internment operations through the eyes of John Boychuk, an internee held in Kapuskasing from 1914 to 1917. The story is based on Boychuk’s ...

A Samaritan State Revisited

A Samaritan State Revisited brings together emerging and leading scholars to reflect on the history of Canada’s overseas aid and interrogate the many complex factors that affect future aid development. ...

The Sleeping Giant Awakens

Confronting the truths of Canada’s Indian residential school system has been likened to waking a sleeping giant. In The Sleeping Giant Awakens, David B. MacDonald uses genocide as an analytical tool ...

Gender Equality & Inequality

Understand the history of inequality and persecution that surrounds gender and sexual orientation. Students will recognize that equality is the state of equal access to opportunities and resources, regardless ...

Power Shift

Bestselling author, journalist, and human rights activist Sally Armstrong argues that humankind requires the equal status of women and girls. Drawing on anthropology, social science, literature, politics, ...