AIDS, Fashion, and the Philanthropic Practices of MAC Cosmetics

Table of contents


Prologue: Rise Up
Introduction: The Rules of Make-up Art Cosmetics

Part I: Spaces of Original Possibilities

1 The Kitchen Sink
2 Fashion Capital
3 Caring Is Never Out of Fashion

Part II: Creative Activism

4 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
5 Selling Out
6 Dragging Theory into Practice

Epilogue: The Brightest Jewel in Our Crown



The first cultural history of the iconic brand M·A·C Cosmetics, VIVA M·A·C charts the evolution of M·A·C’s revolutionary corporate philanthropy around HIV/AIDS awareness. Drawing upon exclusive interviews with M·A·C co-founder Frank Toskan, key journalists, and fashion insiders, Andrea Benoit tells the fascinating story of how M·A·C’s unique style of corporate social responsibility emerged from specific cultural practices, rather than being part of a strategic marketing plan.


  • Winner, Business History Book Prize Canadian Historical Association | La Société Historique du Canada 2021
  • Short-listed, 2021 Heritage Toronto Book Award 2021
  • Winner, National Business Book Award 2020


"The book makes important contributions to urban history, the history of queer life, the history of corporate social responsibility, Canadian business history and the history of beauty and fashion."

- Catherine Carstairs, University of Guelph