Distribution and Sales in the US: Part 1 (2022)

9781988769677 (PDF)


Our updated market guide, Distribution and Sales in the US, Part 1: The US Marketplace (2nd edition) is the first part of a three-volume guide. The guides focus on how publishers get their titles listed and sold. Information is provided on all aspects of distribution in the library, bookstore, online, and educational markets across the United States. Part 1 acts as an overview of the book distribution and sales marketplace in the United States. 

This guide includes information on: 

  • The Trade Market 
  • The Library Markets 
  • The K-12 Education Market 
  • The Higher Education Market 
  • Selling Ebooks and Audiobooks 
  • Accessibility 
  • Print-on-Demand 


About the Author 

Michael Johnson has been in the book distribution business for almost 40 years. Eighteen of those were at Follett Corporation where he had a variety of jobs across several divisions, including running Follett Digital Resources. Michael also has a long history in the creation and distribution of digital content, both ebooks and e-textbooks. His first ebook delivery platform was deployed in 2001, and that system is still in use today. In 2008, he founded the strategic consulting firm Full Potential Associates, which focuses on the blend of publishing/technology/education. His consulting puts him in an excellent position to keep tabs on all aspects of the publishing and sales ecosystem. Michael is currently the Director of Content Partnerships at Benetech, an international non-profit that focuses on helping publishers create and distribute fully accessible digital content for readers with print disabilities. 


32 pages 


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Download Part 3: Key Conferences and the Five GETS 

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