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You and the Internet of Things

By (author) Vicki McLeod
Categories: Enterprise software
Series: Reference Series

From “smart” homes to “smart” cars, from cashless banking to wearable sensors that gather personal health data, new technological innovations are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and are now ...

Digital Life Skills for Youth

In this digital age, how do you protect kids on the internet? Digital Life Skills for Youth is for parents, guardians, educators, and anyone who wants to be a positive guiding influence on the next generation ...

Digital Legacy Plan

By (author) Angela Crocker & Vicki McLeod
Categories: Memoirs
Series: Reference Series

From online banking to decades worth of digital family photos, copious creative or intellectual property, or personal history documented on social media, we all have a widespread digital footprint that ...

Declutter Your Data

By (author) Angela Crocker
Categories: Time management
Series: Reference Series

Technology makes things faster, and simpler. At the same time, with all the technology that surrounds us on a daily basis, we are awash in too much information. Our computers, phones, tablets, work projects, ...

Move or Die

By (author) Tim Sitt
Categories: Popular medicine and health
Series: Reference Series

Get out of your chair, heal your body, enrich your life! Most of us have learned to ignore the signals of our bodies and quietly accept feelings pain or discomfort. This is particularly true in the office ...

Study Smarter, Not Harder

Study Smarter, Not Harder is ideal for everyone - whether you are a student aiming to get into a post-secondary institution or a graduate program, or a businessperson aiming at different or higher career ...

How to Find Work in the 21st Century

This book shows recent graduates how to find hidden work opportunities, sell themselves effectively to employers, network, and create effective marketing tools beyond the traditional resume or CV.

Identify Theft Toolkit

Identity theft is the fastest-growing nonviolent crime in North America today. If you or members of your family become victims, it will take months or years to get your life back. You could lose your ...

Self-Publishing 101

In today’s book market self-publishing may well be your best option. Self-Publishing 101 explains the advantages and pitfalls of various options for getting your book into print and provides a step-by-step ...