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Bent out of Shape

By (author) Karen Messing
Categories: Popular medicine and health

Award-winning ergonomist Karen Messing is talking with women—women who wire circuit boards, sew clothes, clean toilets, drive forklifts, serve food, run labs. What she finds is a workforce in harm’s ...

Diabetes Essentials

This new guide from Karen Graham is a shorter companion book to Complete Diabetes Guide and Diabetes Meals for Good Health Cookbook. Diabetes Essentials includes easy diabetes tips covering 72 subjects, ...

You Are What Your Grandparents Ate

By (author) Judith Finlayson
Foreword by Kent Thornburg
Categories: Diets and dieting, nutrition

You Are What Your Grandparents Ate takes conventional wisdom about the origins of chronic disease and turns it upside down. Rooted in the work of the late epidemiologist Dr. David Barker, it highlights ...

Move or Die

By (author) Tim Sitt
Categories: Popular medicine and health
Series: Reference Series

Get out of your chair, heal your body, enrich your life! Most of us have learned to ignore the signals of our bodies and quietly accept feelings pain or discomfort. This is particularly true in the office ...

Leisure and Recreation in Canadian Society

By (author) George Karlis
Categories: Popular medicine and health

Dr. George Karlis has been at the University of Ottawa since 1992. He is globally recognized for his work on ethnicity, culture, society, and leisure. He is also known for his research on sport tourism ...

Recettes gourmandes contre la douleur chronique

Jacqueline Lagacé offre aujourd’hui un livre de 260 recettes plus gourmand et créatif, qui prouve qu’une cuisine saine, sans gluten et sans produits laitiers, peut être l’occasion de véritables ...

Comment j'ai vaincu la douleur et l'inflammation chronique par l'alimentation

Alors qu’elle lutte contre l’arthrite/arthrose qui la fait souffrir sévèrement, Jacqueline Lagacé découvre le régime hypotoxique du docteur Seignalet et décide de le suivre. Les résultats sont ...

Maternity Rolls

Combining ethnology and memoir, this fascinating book describes the issues surrounding childbirth and motherhood for disabled women. The author, a paraplegic, tells about her own hunt for medical advice ...

About Canada: Health Care

As access to sufficient health care continues to become a dominant—and divisive—issue in the world today, this resource acts as a primer to the public health care system Canada has had in place for ...

Poverty and Policy in Canada

By (author) Dennis Raphael
Foreword by Jack Layton
Categories: Poverty and precarity

Poverty and Policy in Canada provides a unique, interdisciplinary perspective on poverty and its importance to the health and quality of life of Canadians. This original volume considers a range of issues ...