Economics of specific sectors

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Pour une écologie du 99%

Everyone is green, from Biden to Bezos and the environmental crisis growing at a scarily rapid rate. To create an ecology for the 99%, we must discuss a taboo topic: the exit from capitalism. Why carbon ...

Misplaced Distrust

By (author) Éric Montpetit
Categories: Environmental economics

Citizens of industrialized countries largely share a sense that national and international governance is inadequate, believing not only that public authorities are incapable of making the right policy ...

Planning Canadian Regions

By (author) Gerald Hodge & Ira M. Robinson
Categories: Urban economics

Planning Canadian Regions is the first book to consolidate the history, evolution, current practice, and future prospects for regional planning in Canada. As planners grapple with challenges wrought by ...

Independence and Economic Security in Old Age

As boomers move towards retirement the phenomenon of “population
aging” has become a much-publicized issue. Independence and
Economic Security in Old Age focuses on the economic and social
implications ...

Sharing the Work, Sparing the Planet

By (author) Anders Hayden
Categories: Environmental economics

Anders Hayden explores how the reduction of work time can play an integral role in an alternative ecological vision. Reduced work time will help sustain the environment, and ensure increased employment, ...

Families in Transition

Gossage uses a family-reconstitution method, drawing on local parish registers and manuscript-census schedules, to focus on marriage, household organization, and family size in this context of social ...