Table of contents



1 Globalization and the Nation-State

2 Checking National Well-Being

3 Combining National and Global Well-Being




Renowned economist John Helliwell considers the implications of globalization for Canadian domestic and international policy, and for the well-being of Canadians and Canadian society.


Researchers and policy-makers are looking at public policies to assess their economic and social impacts on individuals, families, communities, and nations. This book applies this new research on social capital and well-being to key issues facing individuals and governments in the age of globalization. John Helliwell examines how globalization has altered the scope and salience of nation-states. He deals with the implications for both domestic and international policies, emphasizing well-being as an explicit focus throughout. Whatever one thinks of globalization, he argues, there is ample scope for countries like Canada to not only retain their distinctive qualities but also to have independent national and international policies. Globalization and Well-Being is essential reading for all those trying to think their way through what is left for national policies today.


  • Winner, Donner Prize, Donner Foundation 2002


Globalization and Well-Being is provocative, well written and thoughtful, as well as masterful in presentation – Helliwell does not waste a word or relevant thought.

- Grant Reuber

This book is stimulating, and the opening review of the literature on the importance of national borders for international trade is superb.

- Ronald I. McKinnon

Helliwell exemplifies the best in academic scholarship.

- Martin Loney