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★ Starred selection for CCBC's Best Books Ideal for Teachers 2023!

Resurgence is an inspiring collection of contemporary Indigenous poetry, art, and narratives that guides K–12 educators in bridging ...

The Burgess Shale

Margaret Atwood compares the Canadian literary landscape of the 1960s to the Burgess Shale, a geological formation that contains the fossils of many strange prehistoric life forms. The Burgess Shale is ...

Plotting the Reading Experience

This book is about the experience of reading–what reading feels like, how it makes people feel, how people read and under what conditions, what drives people to read, and, conversely, what halts the ...

Global Mother Tongue

“The price a world language must be prepared to pay is submission to many different kinds of use. ”

–Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe

For centuries, the English language has been raiding other languages ...