Political structures: democracy

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Undertow in the Third Wave

By (author) Peter A. Ferguson
Categories: Comparative politics

In 2015, the world suffered a net decline in political freedom for the 10th consecutive year. Undertow in the Third Wave seeks to understand why by examining 40 cases of democratic reversal. Peter A. ...

Languages of the Unheard

By (author) Stephen D'Arcy
Categories: Political activism

Languages of the Unheard addresses a timely and controversial topic: the ethics and politics of militant resistance.

“What we must see,” Martin Luther King once insisted, “is that a riot is the ...

Social Democracy After the Cold War

Offering a comparative look at social democratic experience since the Cold War, the volume examines countries where social democracy has long been an influential political force—Sweden, Germany, Britain, ...

A Polity on the Edge

Winner: 2001 Choice Outstanding Academic Book Award

This is a book about forces challenging the continued integrity of Canada, one of the world’s oldest and most admired democracies. It focuses on six ...

Civil Society in Question

In this concise, critical study of civil society, Jamie Swift sketches the history of the concept from its roots in the eighteenth century, to the present. Swift looks at its practical application in ...