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Prophets of Love

Leonard Cohen and the Apostle Paul might be imagined as brothers with wildly different characters but a strong family resemblance. Paul, the elder sibling, was awkward, abrasive, and zealous. Leonard, ...

Goodbye, Guns N’ Roses

By (author) Art Tavana
Categories: Popular music

The final statement on one of the greatest bands of the twentieth century. A definitive, uncensored and exclusive biography of Guns N’ Roses entire history from a celebrated music journalist with exclusive ...

Libertés malmenées

Le 16 octobre 2020, trente-quatre professeurs de l’Université d’Ottawa publiaient une lettre ouverte défendant le principe de la liberté universitaire en appui à la professeure Verushka Lieutenant-Duval, ...

Symbols of Canada

From Timbits to totem poles, Canada is boiled down to its syrupy core in symbolic forms that are reproduced not only on t-shirts, television, and tattoos but in classrooms, museums, and courtrooms too. ...

Yellow Ribbons

By (author) A.L.  McCready
Categories: Popular culture
Series: The Basics

Since 2001 and the beginning of the “War on Terror,” Canadian culture has undergone a profound militarization. Moving away from previous myths of national identity centred on notions of multiculturalism ...

The Top 100 Canadian Singles

By (author) Bob Mersereau
Categories: Popular culture

A book that gets to the heart of the matter! Whether you're a professional musician or an air guitarist, a collector or a true amateur, this book will shake things up! The Top 100 Canadian Singles — ...

Canada and the Idea of North

By (author) Sherrill E. Grace
Categories: Popular culture

Canada and the Idea of North examines the ways in which Canadians have defined themselves as a northern people in their literature, art, music, drama, history, geography, politics, and popular culture. ...

Couture and Commerce

By (author) Alexandra Palmer
Categories: Popular culture

The 1950s were the golden years of haute couture, captured by iconic
images of glamorous models wearing dramatic clothes. Yet the real women
who wore these clothes adapted them to suit their own tastes, ...