Feminism and feminist theory

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Making Space for Indigenous Feminism, 3rd Edition

This book bridges generations of powerful Indigenous feminist thinking to demonstrate the movement’s cruciality for today. Indigenous feminists in the first edition fought for feminism to be considered ...

Higher Expectations

Higher Expectations is a practical guide to navigating academia for people who want to improve their own day-to-day work lives and create better conditions for everyone. Universities are broken: they’re ...


I am a gender criminal. I am Unmale, yet I write as though I am a person.

Driven by a Machiavellian mind and ego, Tiresius has risen through the ranks of the Autokracy to become Imperial Treasurer, has ...


Shortlisted for the 2023 Danuta Gleed Literary Award

Finalist for the 2024 Trillium Book Award

With dreamlike stories and dark humour, Anecdotes is a hybrid collection in four parts examining the pressing ...

Nudités féminines

Figure paradoxale de libération et d’aliénation, la nudité féminine occupe une place privilégiée dans les productions culturelles contemporaines. Support d’un désir masculin, phallique, blanc, ...

Black Women Under State

The lives and conditions of Black women are inseparable from, and inextricably linked to, all dimensions of social and political life. Black Women Under State centres on the realities of Black women, ...

A Sentimental Education

How do you tell the story of a feminist education, when the work of feminism can never be perfected or completed? In A Sentimental Education, Hannah McGregor, the podcaster behind Witch, Please and Secret ...

The Raw Light of Morning


The Raw Light of Morning is a powerful debut novel about women and children finding humour and love in the aftermath of domestic violence. 

Fourteen-year-old Laurel ...

It Should Be Easy to Fix

By (author) Bonnie Robichaud
Categories: Biography: general

In 1977, Bonnie Robichaud accepted a job at the Department of Defence military base in North Bay, Ontario. After a string of dead-end jobs, with five young children at home, Robichaud was ecstatic to ...

Permanent Revolution

By (author) Gail Scott
Foreword by Zoe Whittall
Afterword by Margaret Christakos
Categories: Literature: history and criticism

Finalist for the 2021 Grand Prix du livre de Montreal

"A writer may do as she pleases with her epoch. Rage accumulates."

From iconic feminist writer Gail Scott comes Permanent Revolution, a collection ...