c 1910 to c 1919

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Deadly Skies

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Un ciel meurtrier : Guerre aérienne, 1914-1918

Go beyond the dogfights and immerse yourself in the captivating stories of six people, from both sides of the ...

A Blue Puttee at War

By (author) Sydney Frost
Edited by Edward Roberts
Categories: First World War

With never-before-seen photos and stories from World War I, Sydney Frost’s memoir is unique. It is the most complete account of the First World War by any member of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment of ...

Catching the Torch

Catching the Torch examines contemporary novels and plays written about Canada’s participation in World War I. Exploring such works as Jane Urquhart’s The Underpainter and The Stone Carvers, Jack ...

Soldiers of Song

By (author) Jason Wilson
Categories: First World War

The seeds of irreverent humour that inspired the likes of The Wayne and Shuster Hour and Monty Python were sown in the trenches of the First World War, and The Dumbells—concert parties made up of fighting ...

For King and Kanata

By (author) Timothy C. Winegard
Categories: Military history

The first comprehensive history of the Aboriginal First World War experience on the battlefield and the home front. When the call to arms was heard at the outbreak of the First World War, Canada’s First ...

Boys and Girls in No Man's Land

By (author) Susan Fisher
Categories: First World War

Boys and Girls in No Man's Land examines how the First World War entered the lives and imaginations of Canadian children. Drawing on educational materials, textbooks, adventure tales, plays, and Sunday-school ...

From Victoria to Vladivostok

This groundbreaking book brings to a life a forgotten chapter in the history of Canada and Russia – the journey of 4,200 Canadian soldiers from Victoria to Vladivostok in 1918 to help defeat Bolshevism. ...

No Insignificant Part

By (author) Timothy J. Stapleton
Categories: First World War

No Insignificant Part: The Rhodesia Native Regiment and the East Africa Campaign of the First World War is the first history of the only primarily African military unit from Zimbabwe to fight in the First ...

Colonel Richardson’s Airedales

By (author) Bryan D. Cummins
Categories: Dogs as pets

This is the story of one man’s struggle to develop the British War Dog School. Richardson began experimenting with military and police dogs in 1898, and in 1910 began petitioning for a British military ...