Canada's Department of External Affairs, Volume 3

Innovation and Adaptation, 1968-1984

Table of contents


Chapter One: New Guys with New Ideas, 1968-69

Chapter Two: A Government with Plans, 1969-70

Chapter Three: The Limits of Planning, 1970-72

Chapter Four: Minority Government, 1972-74

Chapter Five: A Respectable Role, 1974-76

Chapter Six: A Mandate for Change, 1976-79

Chapter Seven: A Change of Government, 1979-80

Chapter Eight: A Return of the Liberals, 1980-82

Chapter Nine: Completing the Reform Agenda, 1982-84

Epilogue: Same Old Gang



Canada’s Department of External Affairs offers readers an unparalleled look at the evolving structures underpinning Canadian foreign policy from 1968 to 1984. Using untapped archival sources and extensive interviews with top-level officials and ministers, this book presents a frank “insider’s view” of work in the department, its key personalities, and its role in making Canada’s foreign policy.


Canada’s Department of External Affairs is a major contribution to historical research. The authors’ scholarship is sound, the research exhaustive, and the range of sources utilized is extremely impressive. The book maintains the high quality of thoroughness of the first two volumes in the series and is a first rate contribution to our understanding of the Department of External Affairs, the Trudeau years more generally, and the evolution of Canada’s foreign policy. ”

- David MacKenzie, Department of History, Ryerson University

“John Hilliker, Mary Halloran, and Greg Donaghy have produced the definitive institutional history of the Department of External Affairs during the Trudeau era.  Well written and impressively researched, it will be cited by scholars for years to come. ”

- Adam Chapnick, Department of Defence Studies, Royal Military College of Canada

"Offering the most comprehensive account of this era in the [Department of External Affairs’] history, and written for historians and students of Canadian international relations, Innovations and Adaptation will be a trusted companion to both policy-makers and policy enthusiasts for years to come. "

- Ryan M. Touhey, University of Waterloo

"…an indispensable source for scholars of Canadian foreign relations for years to come. "

- Kevin Brushett, Royal Military College of Canada