A Samaritan State Revisited

Historical Perspectives on Canadian Foreign Aid

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David Webster and Greg Donaghy

Part 1: Entering the Aid World, 1950–1960

1. Encounter and Apprenticeship: The Colombo Plan and Canadian Aid in India, 1950–1960
Jill Campbell–Miller

2. "Reasonably Well Organized": A History of Early Aid Administration
Greg Donaghy

3. Developing the World in Canada’s Image: Hugh Keenleyside and Technical Assistance
David Webster

Part 2: Development, Diplomacy, and Trade, 1953–1991

4. "A One Way Street": The Limits of Canada’s Aid Relations with Pakistan, 1958–1972
Ryan Touhey

5. One Size Fits All?: Canadian Development Assistance to Colombia, 1953–1972
Stefano Tijerina

6.Samaritanos canadiensis?:Canadian Development Assistance in Latin America During the Trudeau Years
Asa McKercher

7. "Trotsky in Pinstripes": Lewis Peribam, CIDA, and the Non–Governmental Organizations Program, 1968–1991
Kevin Brushett

Part 3: Imagery and Symbolism

8. Building a Base: The Growth of Public Engagement with Canadian Foreign Aid Policy, 1950–1980
Ted Cogan

9. Pictures in Development: The Canadian International Development Agency’s Photo Library
Sonya de Laat

10. "Tears are Not Enough": Canadian Political and Social Mobilization for Famine Relief in Ethiopia, 1984–1988
Naississe Solomon

Part 4: The Political Economy of Canadian Aid, 1980–2018

11. Canadian Development Assistance to Latin America
Laura Macdonald

12. CIDA and Aid to Africa in the 1990s: A Crisis of Confidence
David Black

13. A Samaritan State?, Canadian Foreign Aid, and the Challenges of Policy
Coherence for Development


14. Concluding Reflections: Beyond Aid
Dominique Marshall



A Samaritan State Revisited brings together emerging and leading scholars to reflect on the history of Canada’s overseas aid and interrogate the many complex factors that affect future aid development.
The first collection to explore Canada’s aid history with this level of detail, these essays extend from the 1950s to the present and cover Canadian aid to all regions of the Global South. Drawing together a unique synthesis of governmental and non-governmental perspectives, A Samaritan State Revisited provides a clear and readily accessible explanation of the forces that have shaped Canadian foreign aid policy.


A Samaritan State Revisited will both act as a signpost, marking what has been accomplished (historiographically) so far, and serve as a valuable reference point as the task of developing the history of Canadian aid—in all its manifestations and complexity—continues.

—David Meren, International Journal

Offers a fascinating window into one aspect of Canadian political history, while simultaneously opening up broader lines of inquiry in contemporary international relations.

—Suzanne Hindmarch, Canadian Historical Review