Crash to Paywall

Canadian Newspapers and the Great Disruption


In 2014, when Postmedia acquired Quebecor’s Sun Media newspaper and online assets, there was a sense that the recent history of newspapers was repeating itself not as comedy or tragedy, but as eulogy. Crash to Paywall shows that while the newspaper business was weakened by decreases in advertising revenues and circulation, much of its problems stem from self-inflicted damage and business practices dating back to the 1970s. Brian Gorman explores the Canadian newspaper industry crisis and the relationship between the news media and the public.


"Crash to Paywall demonstrates that consolidation of ownership and subsequent ?rationalization? of operations of the newspaper industry within a handful of for-profit corporations has led to crippling damage within the fourth estate. It makes a strong case for the need for federal regulation of the industry in this regard and will be influential in policy-making in the coming years. " Wade Rowland, author of Saving the CBC: Balancing Profit and Public Service