Table of contents

  • : The Global Economic Crisis: A Marxist Perspective
  • : A Summary of Marx’s Theories of Value, Capital and Crisis
  • : The Necessity of Value Theory: Brenner’s Analysis of the “Long Downturn” and Marx’s Theory of Crisis
  • : Class Struggle and Socialist Transformation: Beyond the Law of Value
  • : The Global Crisis, Marxism and the Malaise of the Anti-Capitalist Left
  • : Appendix 1: The Controversy Surrounding Marx’s Theory of Value
  • : Appendix 2: Socially Necessary Unproductive Labour in Contemporary Capitalism
  • : Bibliography
  • : Index


Providing a Marxian analysis of the origins, implications, and scope of the current economic downturn, this critique of global capitalism argues that the ongoing crisis is not merely a result of overProduction and problems with credit and finance, but rather a deep-seated systemic failure of capitalism itself. The discussion clearly roots the present economic slump in the history of capitalism and contends that, in order to find a more permanent solution, the crisis needs to be understood structurally, as the result of a failed theory, rather than as an aberration.