Winner of 2nd Search for the Great BC Novel Contest

By (author) Kathryn Para
Categories: Fiction
Publisher: Mother Tongue Publishing
Paperback : 9781896949314, 224 pages, October 2013


Raises the ante on the word “blistering. ” Winner of the Great BC Novel Contest and Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize finalist.

An unflinching, beautiful novel set in the Middle East and Canada. It tells the story of Anika Lund, a freelance war photographer with an ambition to photograph an infamous terrorist, and her best friend and translator, Viva, who seeks answers to the mystery of her husband’s disappearance in Syria. In the fall of 2004, they gain access to Iraqi resistance fighters, and entrance to the broken city of Fallujah, igniting a series of terrifying events that exact a price that becomes too much to bear. Lucky explores ethical questions about war photography, and the moral dilemmas of love and war.