Ultimate Foods For Ultimate Health

And Don't Forget the Chocolate!


Several years ago, registered dietician Liz Pearson and home economist Mairlyn Smith joined forces to develop a contemporary guide for healthy eating. The result was The Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan that Still Leaves Room for Chocolate. Combining scientific nutritional research with expert advice and tantalizing recipes, the book was an award-winning national bestseller. Liz and Mairlyn’s expertise is made accessible through their lighthearted approach to healthy living, demonstrated by their enthusiastic disclosure of the best-kept nutritional secret: it’s okay to relax and indulge in a little chocolate!

This spring, Liz and Mairlyn have reunited to write their Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan follow-up, Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health…and Don’t Forget the Chocolate! Serving both as a cookbook and nutritional resource guide, the Ultimate Foods is packed with helpful health facts and deliciously nutritious recipes. In addition to 50 of the best recipes from the original book, Ultimate Foods contains 90 new recipes, including Orange Avocado Black Bean Salsa Salad, Jamaican Spiced Marinade for Pork Tenderloin, and The Ultimate Healthy Chocolate Treat.

Liz and Mairlyn’s friendly voices, sense of humor, and professional insight guides readers through a buffet of practical hints for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including:
Dietary villains you need to avoid
Top nutritional tips for life in the fast lane
Easy ways to incorporate more physical activity into a busy schedule
The skinny on fats
Optimal foods for health protection