Table of contents

Section I: Understanding Globalization
Chapter 1: A Critique of the Sceptics, Gary Teeple
Chapter 2: Introduction to the Cult, Linda McQuaig
Section II: Post-Fordism at Work
Chapter 3: Listening to Workers: The Reorganization of Work in the Canadian Motor Vehicle Industry, Wayne Lewchuck and David Robertson
Chapter 4: Flexible Work, Flexible Workers: The Restructuring of Clerical Work in a Large Telecommunications Company, Bonnie Fox and Pamela Sugiman
Section III: Precariousness in the Labour Market
Chapter 5: The Gender of Precarious Employment in Canada, Cynthia J. Cranford, Leah F. Vosko, and Nancy Zukewich
Chapter 6: Jettisoned by Design? The Truncated Employment Relationship of Customer Sales and Service Agents under Airline Restructuring, Vivian Shalla
Section IV: Working in the Free-Trade Zones of the North and South
Chapter 7: The Discarded Factory: Degraded Production in the Age of the Superbrand, Naomi Klein
Chapter 8: 1-800 New Brunswick: Economic Development Strategies, Firm Restructuring, and the Local Production of "Global" Services, Ruth Buchanan
Section V: Unfree Labour: Migrant Workers and Citizenship
Chapter 9: Migrant Workers as Non-Citizens: The Case against Citizenship as a Social Policy Concept, Donna Baines and Nandita Sharma
Chapter 10: Underdevelopment, Structural Adjustment, and Gendered Migration from the West Indies and the Philippines, Daiva K. Stasiulis and Abigail B. Bakan
Section VI: Neo-Liberalism and the Dismantling of the Welfare State
Chapter 11: Domestic Neo-Liberalism, Stephen McBride
Chapter 12: Neo-Liberalism and Retrenchment: Employment, Universality, Safety-Net Provisions, and a Collapsing Canadian Welfare State, Jane Pulkingham and Gordon Ternowetsky
Section VII: Education, Training, and Skills in a Knowledge-Based Economy
Chapter 13: Living in the Credential Gap: Responses to Underemployment and Underqualification, David W. Livingstone
Chapter 14: Education for an Information Age?, Alan Sears
Section VIII: The Labour Movement in Transition
Chapter 15: Neo-Liberalism, Labour, and the Canadian State, Leo Panitch and Donald Swartz
Chapter 16: Canadian Labour and the Political Economy of Transformation, Sam Gindin and Jim Stanford


This progressive new reader features work from some of Canada’s most prolific and talented writers on the subject of global markets including David Broad, Naomi Klein, Alan Sears, and David Livingstone.

The focus of the book is an examination of work in a global era, and is ideal for those interested in the changing strcuture of work in Canada and abroad. Its strength comes from its critical perspective as well as the examination of the role of Canadian labour in the global working world. Divided into eight key parts with a total of 16 essential readings, this volume covers a great deal of ground. From Fordist and Post-Fordist methods of production, to the challenge of working in free trade zones, from migration and transnationalism to training and skills in a knowledge-based economy, this book will fill a gap in the literature about work in Canada in the era of transnational citizens and corporations.