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Fake It So Real

Fake it so Real takes on the fallout from a punk-rock lifestyle—the future of “no future. ” It’s 1983, and Gwen, a Nancy Spungen look-alike, meets Damian, the enigmatic leader of a punk band. ...

Why Birds Sing

A charming novel about a disgraced opera singer, her cancer-plagued brother-in-law, a temperamental parrot named Tulip, and a competitive whistling group called the Warblers.

The Sweetness in the Lime

By (author) Stephen Kimber
Categories: Romance

Eli Cooper is a resolutely single, 50-something newspaper copy editor. He is too busy—and too self-absorbed—to acknowledge what’s missing in his life. But then, on a single day in February 2008, ...

The Desirable Sister

Gia and Serena Pirji are sisters, the first-generation born in Canada to immigrant parents. Gia’s fair skin grants her membership to cliques of white kids as a teen, while Serena’s dark skin means ...

Finding Callidora

A horrific betrayal sets the destiny of the Alevizopoulos family, farmers who dare to choose a side, first in the Great War of 1914-1918, then in the Greco-Turkish war of 1919-1922. Theodore, the patriarch, ...

Even Weirder Than Before

By (author) Susie Taylor
Categories: Family life fiction

The early 1990s: there’s no internet, VHS is still a thing, and Daisy Radcliffe’s family is disintegrating. As the stability of her old life disappears, she is set adrift into the odd territory between ...

Crocuses Hatch From Snow

By (author) Jaime Burnet
Categories: Relating to lesbians

When Ada falls for a body piercer named Pan, Ada’s cheeky grandmother, Mattie, says Pan looks like a caught trout with all those hooks in her mouth. But Ada soon discovers Mattie is also caught in a ...

Dear Evelyn

By (author) Kathy Page
Categories: Family life fiction

Born between the wars on a working-class London street, Harry Miles wins a scholarship and a chance to escape his station, but discovers instead that poetry is what offers him real direction. When he ...

French Exit

Finalist for the Scotiabank Giller Prize and an international bestseller, Patrick deWitt’s brilliant and darkly comic novel is now a major motion picture starring Michelle Pfeiffer.

Frances Price — ...

The End of Music

By (author) Jamie Fitzpatrick
Categories: Family life fiction

Herb Carter’s days as an aspiring rock star are over. His mother no longer remembers his name and seems trapped in the past. Jamie Fitzpatrick’s second novel weaves in and out of time to effortlessly ...