The Desirable Sister

By (author) Taslim Burkowicz
Categories: Fiction: general and literary, Fiction and Related items, Family life fiction
Publisher: Fernwood Publishing
Paperback : 9781773632322, 300 pages, October 2019


Gia and Serena Pirji are sisters, the first-generation born in Canada to immigrant parents. Gia’s fair skin grants her membership to cliques of white kids as a teen, while Serena’s dark skin means she is labelled as Indian and treated as inferior. The story pits the sisters against each other through bitter games of treachery women are forced to play to achieve the ranks of beauty and success but ultimately shows the strength of the love between them.


“Presented like a kaleidoscopic tapestry, we watch with fascination as Gia and Serena come of age and emerge from the grip of race and colour to become independent young women. Taslim Burkowicz is a masterful storyteller of intimate details that are surprising and sometimes shocking.”

- Simon Choa-Johnston, author of The House of Wives

?Like a beautifully woven sari, this Indo-Canadian author?s second novel brings together a range of strands to create a remarkable final piece?Readers will come away touched and with plenty to think about.?

- Winnipeg Free Press